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My passion for fitness and a healthy lifestyle are central to my existence.

Where I am today is the result of some pretty challenging twists and turns. After tragically losing my Mom at a young age, I developed a skin disorder called Vitiligo. This condition led me to search for products that would benefit my overall well-being.

My goal became defeating Vitiligo!

By creating antibodies through food and a healthy lifestyle, following Hippocrates’ advice: “Let food be thy medicine,” I began to make steady progress.

I started reading about herbs and ancient ways of healing. 

Whatever I could get my hands on, I read. While consuming what seemed like vast amounts of information from nutritionists and dietary science books, I began to spot a real trend, Probiotics!

If you aren’t familiar with Probiotics, they are beneficial yeasts and bacteria that assist your digestive system in some pretty unique ways. Some months later, I put it all together and wrote a book titled “Keep calm, it’s only Vitiligo,” now available on Amazon

To say that I’ve been a fan of Kombucha since they first popped up is an understatement. 

I love Kombucha!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect Kombucha among all the different brands and varieties. Perfect for me means a massive amount of available probiotics with zero sugar residues. I wanted zero-calorie Kombucha. 

So I set about making just that! 


Kombucha is a healthy drink but not everybody likes it, since most kombuchas have a vinegar taste or are too acidic.

Kombucha Queen  has a very pleasant taste, full of probiotics and benefits, but not acidic or vinegary.

Kombucha Queen is SHELF-STABLE,  Vegan – Organic – Kosher – Non-GMO – Dairy Free – Gluten Free – Zero Sugar- Zero Carbs -Zero Calories  – Keto and tastes GOOD!

ENJOY its benefits!